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Working towards spring

Here we are at the beginning of a new year- sunlight is getting longer in the sky and I'm sitting in front of a computer much more than is healthy for ANY fairy. Learning to build a website, manage emails and how to run a business is at the forefront of my mind. You see, in the realm of fae we don't bother with emails- we have psychic telegrams. We don't make websites- we hang up glittering stories of our lives in spider webs. And well, this MONEY thing has taken some getting used to but generally we agree we like it, because it is green!

As the cold months roll by, I've been keeping warm with a little tea and snuggles under the blanket, listening to the heartbeat of mother earth. Some of us have been helping the Easter Bunny get her eggs ready for April 4th. Eliza Sunflower does love to paint! She says the bunnies are good company and they are so excited for porch visits this year. They have even been making extra special baskets for all of our friends. I'm so glad of that!

As spring rolls closer, I'm also planning a garden and getting seeds ready to go. What are your favorites in the garden?

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