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The Easter Bunny is an icon of play, creativity and imagination. A celebration of potential. A welcome surprise for an otherwise ordinary day.


You bring these elements to the culture of your organization with our visit.

Let us create an event that your customers and community will always remember.  

Meet the Easter Bunny


Creative Director

Amanda Mayflower

Amanda Mayflower is the business owner and creative director of the Flint Hills Fairies, which includes our work with Santa and the Easter Bunny. 

She is a certified teacher, with over 12 years experience in the elementary and early childhood classroom. 

"It was time to bring joy and creativity out into the world. Too often we think these are only for childhood. It is my aim to awaken the inner child in all people we meet."


Egg Painter Extrordinarie

Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit has been hopping around with us for over ten years. He has been to many parties, egg hunts and the occasional after hours engagement. 

When Kay's This N That closed for the first time, I was devastated that I could no longer rent a bunny costume every year. So, I took the plunge. He's been with me ever since.

You can see Peter Rabbit at Easter Parties and Porch Porch Visits on Easter Weekend.


Hometown Hero

ICT Easter Bunny

Every town needs a hero, and the ICT Easter Bunny has risen to the call! Although he doesn't fight crime, he spreads a lot of joy out and about as he makes visits to businesses as "the cutest Easter Bunny in Wichita." 

Sign up for Where in Wichita is the ICT Easter Bunny and your customers will enjoy a great surprise to their experience at your business. 

The ICT Easter Bunny also helps deliver baskets on Easter, so keep your eye out- he's one busy bunny!