Amanda Mayflower's

American Menagerie

"Visit for a while, and you'll be just as likely to meet a unicorn as a hobby horse, and take a ride to Never Never Land on the back of a Luck Dragon."

An educator by training and folklore enthusiast by birthright, Amanda Mayflower has opened the doors of her imagination for all ages.


As creative director of the American Menagerie, she manages a troupe of fairies, a pair of rabbits and a whole lot of hobby horses at harvest time.  


Thus is the Menagerie: a collection of animals both live and stuffed. Stick around long enough, and you'll be riding a hobby horse. 

Amanda's interest and works are linked to seasonal changes, traditional American Folklore and the spirit of magic. Her song and storytelling is an embodied and improvisational practice.  With the offering of the Flint Hills Fairies, ICT Easter Bunny, and Santa and his Elves she helps to awaken a reemerging narrative about customs and lore from around the world.  Her work is imbued with the zeitgeist of moving constellations and the bending of time.