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Meet the Flint Hills Fairies

Invite us to throw your Party 

Send us to sing Happy Birthday to your best friend

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About The Flint Hills Fairies

Our troupe of entertainers loves to bring joy to people with our silly antics, games and whimsical storytelling. When you hire us, you're getting the "real deal." Our performers are passionate, experienced working with children and are so excited to work for you, bringing joy, laughter and stories for many years to come. 

BIRTHDAy Parties

Make it a memorable year when you hire our entertainers for your Birthday Party. We've got games, stories, songs and treats to share!

Fairy Mail

Shower your loved one with a special card and gift for their birthday and seasonal postcards throughout the year

Visit us at Faire

Our fairies have the express joy of visiting Renaissance Festivals throughout the Midwest. 

Catch our live, interactive stage show or stop by our tent for some Fairy Fun Merch!

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